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Martha Robinson

Mercy Hiller
Co-Founder Chair

Mercy’s mother was diagnosed in 1987 with Stage IV breast cancer. There wasn’t a cancer center in Key West so Mercy’s mom had to leave her family, friends, her support system and home to live with Mercy while she underwent her cancer treatments in Charleston, SC. In 1991 at the age of 57 Mercy’s mother died of breast cancer.

Mercy knew she had to do something so that no one in her hometown had to leave their community to have cancer treatments. Mercy applied to the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC in the fall of 1992 to enter into their BS in Radiation Therapy program. In 1994 she graduated with her BS in Radiation Therapy degree.
She moved to Key West in May of 1994 and opened the first cancer center on the island and is still there as the administrator 22 years later.

Yvonnie Ametin

I became a volunteer board member of the Cancer Foundation (CF) of the Florida Keys because I believe, "The Purpose of Life, is a Life of Purpose." I responded to a listing in the church bulletin for a bookkeeper needed for a local non-profit, and this is how my work began with the CF.

At the time I volunteered, my eldest son was just over a year old, and I was pregnant with my second son.

Why did I volunteer when most new mothers would not?  Because I had taken a step back from my normal work load to raise a family, and I wanted to share my time, talent, and treasure in some way.

If you want to experience the sheer joy of giving when individuals, groups, businesses, and organizations give, and donate to your cause time, and time again, and year after year - because of the work you do - the Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys would be a perfect match.

The Cancer Foundation is one of the few transparent organizations with a core group of individuals who do what they do for the greater good of the whole.

"What We Raise Stays!" is our motto.  We are all volunteer board members, and more than 99% of what is raised goes to the Cancer patients we provide assistance for.

Donna Eisentraut

I volunteer for CFFK because I believe in what they are doing. No one gets paid, everyone that helps is on a volunteer basis.

The money that is raised goes to the clients to help them meet their financial obligations...the money does not go to staff or administrative fees.

Eileen Masiello

I made the decision to join the board of CFFK over 13 years ago. I admire the charitable work that the Cancer Foundation has contributed to our local community, specifically those affected by cancer.

While other charities do not maintain a focus with a direct local impact, the Cancer Foundation raises all funds locally and has helped local cancer patients with daily living expenses, food, transportation and support systems. Our board members are all volunteers which allows us to assist patients in many aspects of their treatment and recovery.

Judy Larkin

I feel we all deserve a second chance.  I received mine 16+ years ago surviving cancer.

Working with The Cancer Foundation is my way of seeing that others receive that 2nd chance as well.

Kathy Snow

Kathy Snow is a breast cancer survivor. The passing of a friend motivated Kathy to create an annual charity walk in the Keys with proceeds being donated to hospice care and the Humane Society. After her own diagnosis Kathy was impressed to find that the Cancer Foundation donates all it’s funds directly back into the Florida Keys.

Board members don’t even take a salary. Today Kathy’s walk largely benefits the Cancer Foundation with smaller percentages going to hospice care and the Humane Society.

Kim Hainline

Hi my name is Kim Hainline. I was born and raised in Key West .
I am a mother of three beautiful children and now a grandmother to an 8 month old adorable little boy.

I have been a hygienist for the past 33 years.
I am very grateful I can be part of the CFFK.

Lanny Skelly

Cancer is the worst thing that you can have. You don’t know what it can do to your body. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2001 and have had one recurrence.

I’m Lucky. I have a loving husband, three grown and accomplished sons, and great health insurance. Without the Cancer Foundation, so many people in the Keys would go without care.

Martha Robinson

Martha came to Key West in 1987 as a full time Realtor from Northern Westchester, New York. She's been on the Board since 1998 when The Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys was started by Mercy Hiller.

Martha was awarded the 2013 LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD FROM THE KEY WEST ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS for COMMUNITY SERVICE and gives her time and talents to:

  • Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys - “What we Raise, stays!”
  • Key West Business Guild - former Vice President
  • Chamber of Commerce of Key West
  • Queen of Fantasy Fest 1999-2000 for Aids Help Key West
  • Key West Art & Historical Society
  • Key West Lodging Association

* Supports the Arts and Theatre in KW for over 30 years

Doria Goodrich

A native of Key West, Doria began her career with First State Bank of the Florida Keys as a summer Proof Clerk after graduating from Mary Immaculate High School.

Doria earned a Bachelor of Education Degree from Nova Southeastern University. She is a graduate of the Florida School of Banking, Leadership Monroe County- Class VI and the City of Key West Ambassador program; Class II. Doria has a passion for people; family friends neighbors!

Mary Cruz

I became involved with the Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys about fifteen years ago. My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and, together , she and I decided that we had to try to help people who really needed that assistance.

I am a proud Key West Conch, going back for five generations. My husband and I have four children, seven grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. I am a Medical Technologist and have worked in the Laboratory for many years.

Mary Hamilton

Mary is a 24 year resident of Key West, wife of a conch and local business owner, and mother of three beautiful daughters.

She has been a Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys board member since 2014 and actively assists her daughter in the administration of Sydney's Hope Project.

Daisy Naseiro

Just like my employer First State Bank of the Florida Keys, I love making a difference in our community.

Bobby Kuchinsky

Bio Coming Soon

Marisol Parks

My name is Marisol Parks. I am a former elementary school teacher. I am married to JW Parks. We have two wonderful children, Jordan and Mary-Elizabeth. I am excited to be a part of the Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys.


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